Civil 3D

At S. A. Miro, in our ongoing surveys of our client’s needs and issues, one consistent theme that emerges is the desire to visualize site utilities, grading and drainage in a realistic view. To address this issue, the Miro civil team has moved completely to AutoCAD Civil 3D®. This effective software platform extends solid site analytical tools into a graphical, team-based format. The impacts of alternatives related to building siting, roadway alignment and earthwork can be assessed and understood in near-real time, facilitating more productive and efficient team decision making about infrastructure and planning.

Given the ever-critical aspect of time, coupled with the unacceptable costs of miscommunication in the field, the Miro staff is using Civil 3D in a similar fashion to Revit® for structural applications. We are convinced that early, informed team decision making is the key to successful projects, and that site and building information models create a promising platform to enhance such outcomes.