University of Colorado Health Sciences Center

Starting with the Facilities and Infrastructure Master Planning for the relocation of the CU Health Sciences Center to the former Army Base, the civil engineering department of Miro has been involved in nearly every aspect of the redevelopment of the 217-acre south half of the campus owned by UCDHSC.

The infrastructure planning included: pedestrian, vehicular and mass transit circulation; parking; landscaping; a central power plant with steam and condensate distribution networks; electrical power and communications networks; water supply; sanitary sewer collection; site storm water drainage and water quality control.

Miro has also provided the detailed engineering and consulting to support the construction of most of the campus’ new facilities and infrastructure. For each major project, the required infrastructure development phase was implemented. Each area of the campus and each phase of the development required validation of, and updates to, the Master Plans to address specific design conditions, and to address how the new systems can be integrated without compromising the structural integrity of the old systems constructed as part of the original Army Base which remain partially in service.
Project Details
  • Client
    University of Colorado Health Sciences
  • Architect
  • Contractor
  • Key Personnel
  • Services
  • Type
    217-acre Campus Infrastructure
  • Location
    Aurora, CO
  • Completion
  • Value
    $300+ Million