Dahlak Islands

Engineering consultant on an international planning team developing the initial Master Plan for the 643 km² island in the Red Sea. The development in Eritrea is planned as an international attraction and include marine, cultural, luxury and eco-resorts along with an industrial port and airport. Engineering responsibilities included establishing the methodologies for low impact development, transportation and utilities.

Dahlak Island planning developed four unique luxury resort locations, one Eco-Tourism resort, an international airport and an industrial port strategically located on the island to provide a level of isolation while still being readily accessible on an international level. The development areas are interconnected by 207 km of roadway designed through small sea ports and to blend into the natural environment. The primary facilities of the resort areas are hotels with a combined 1,980 key capacity. These resorts and supporting facilities include a planned permanent population on the island of 10,000+. Besides the international airport, the development hosts police, fire protection, retail, restaurant, medical, school, warehousing, storage, and light commercial facilities.
Project Details