Aurora Sports Park

Civil engineering for the development of a 250-acre property along Sand Creek in Aurora for recreational activities. The Miro scope of work included grading, drainage, storm sewer, sanitary sewer, roadway access, parking lots, and water supply. The property consists of twenty ball fields, passive recreation areas, and a network of roadways and parking lots.

Engineering services included grading and earthwork operations to balance a site involving over 400,000 cy of material. Intersection and roadway improvements for Tower Road, Dunkirk, and Colfax Avenue. Lane widenings, intersection improvements, and signalization were installed at these major roadways. New roadways and parking lots were designed to minimize pollutant runoff, and concentrated flows. Like all of Aurora’s major parks and new golf courses, it is irrigated entirely with re-use water. The Miro team utilized natural water quality methods to detain and treat both storm and irrigation water and avoid excess runoff.
Project Details